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Learning about Social Studies

During this semester I have been able to better reflect upon my social studies knowledge. I have always struggled with social studies. There are so many dates and names as well as places that are difficult for me to remember. However, I have been able to recall some of this information in being in Social Studies Methods. Much of my renewed learning has come from activities we did with mapping. I will never forget taking map tests in elementary school and middle school where we were to know various places on the world map as well as label lines of latitude and longitude. I absolutely dreaded these tests, but some of the models we have used in social studies class this semester have allowed me to see fun and engaging ways to teach these aspects of social studies. I have been able to enhance my learning about geography quite a bit in this class. I have also renewed my learning of social studies by looking at ways that I can enhance social studies for my own students. This is important to me because I was one of the students who didn’t understand why I needed to know some of the things we were learning in social studies. I was never interested in the subject nor was I able to relate to many of the topics. Our learning in methods this semester has allowed me to see how I can make social studies meaningful and engaging for my students. Finally, I have learned that social studies does not only include the aspects written above. Social studies can also include the behavioral sciences and economics. This has allowed me to see where my strong points are in social studies, as I now know that not it is not simply just history and geography. All of this being said, I know I still have a ways to go in renewing my social studies knowledge and thus know I need to continue that learning in order to enhance my future students’ learning.

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