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A blog about my time in the education department at Luther College.

Educators and Politics

on April 9, 2014

It is no secret that education is often debated in politics. This is seen with No Child Left Behind, the Common Core Standards, and many other laws and government policies. Recently, there has been much debate on early childhood education in the political realm. This week, we were asked to blog about our own personal opinion on legislative changes in education and the involvement of educators. I personally believe that there should be a large amount of contribution with regard to ideas on education from educators themselves. This is because we as educators have knowledge with regard to children’s development and teacher/administrator/community roles. Do teachers know everything? No. However, if teachers are able to work with legislators the outcome will be much more positive than it would without them. Obviously those involved in the government also have much more knowledge on legislation as well. This shows that there must be great teamwork when it comes to legislative changes in education. Legislators should look to educators for ideas and knowledge with regard to the educational realm and educators should look to legislators for help in development of educational changes. 


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